Join our network of publishers.

i-Jam Media has been helping publishers for years to monetize their inventory and now we can offer even more with the i-Jam Media publisher network.

Joining the i-Jam Media Publisher Network brings substantial benefits to to publishers, bloggers and App developers who are looking to maximize their digital advertising revenue generated in all geo’s that they have audience in.

We’re here to join everything together and manage it all for you on a daily basis, freeing you up to do what you love best, publishing!

Access to Advertising Networks and so much more…

We have extensive contacts and relationships with some of the worlds biggest and best ad networks, private marketplaces and native content providers. Because of this we can get your site connected and generating revenue pretty much immediately and your site will look great as it will have relevant and premium brand adverts. Now with our header bidding partners we can squeeze even more out of every users visit as well!

Additional revenue without the hassle.

Our service is not here to take over what you already have, its here to compliment and increase the potential that your site truly has. The only thing joining the i-Jam Media Publisher Network will do is increase the revenue that your site generates and maximize the revenue on a global basis.

We deal with everything for you.

We manage the day to day relationships, negotiate floor prices for inventory, compile the reporting across all the networks we connect you with and collect all the digital advertising revenue for you. This is as well as pitching your site out for direct campaigns and all the usual things associated with having your own sales team, leaving you free to continue creating compelling and engaging content for your growing audience which will give us even more inventory to sell on your behalf.

Access (Not denied).

One of the other major benefits is that some of the networks we are connected to will have very high traffic requirements for entry. If you are with us this will not apply to you as we represent publisher’s who collectively serve billions of adverts per year across mobile and desktop. This enables us to get you up and running when on your own you won’t qualify if you don’t have high enough traffic volumes.

More access to branded campaigns.

We will also package you up alongside sites we have that may have similar audiences and put you across to advertising agencies collectively. This means that the potential for being put on schedules increases greatly. Agencies and marketing managers are busy people, having one point of contact and one invoice saves them time, gets them more reach for  less hassle than dealing with individual account managers across individual sites.

Reduce wastage and maximize all digital advertising revenue.

The networks we work with also have different pricing structures and we will create a cascading waterfall (or stack) so that if one doesn’t serve when a page loads another will. This will eventually mean zero wastage on impressions, sooner rather than later.

Next steps.

If this sounds like something that will suit you then you’re probably wondering how you join the i-Jam Media Publisher Network. We have some criteria that you will need to pass to join us. the most important is that you need to be a premium publisher. By this we mean across popular, consumer friendly sectors such as Sport, Tech, Gaming, Fashion, Entertainment, News, Business, Finance and Utilities and you need to be optimized for mobile audiences. You will also need to have a minimum amount of traffic for us to be able to represent you and we ask that you please get in touch to discuss this by clicking on the button below.

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