About Us

What we do?

i-Jam Media sell premium advertising inventory on behalf of our clients to premium brands without the need for their own sales team. This allows them to dedicate more time and resources to create great content that their audiences love which in-turn generates more advertising revenue for them.

Primarily we sell advertising inventory across Mobile Desktop and Tablet. We also sell space in Apps and pre-roll video.

i-Jam Media are here to increase your revenue for you. This is on top of what you already bring in so anything you have set up already is still 100% yours. Our aim is to increase fill rates and quality of advertisers for your premium audience.

i-Jam Media currently pitch upwards of 700,000,000 adverts a year for our clients and we’d like the opportunity to do it for you too.


How we do it?

i-Jam Media sell publishers direct to advertisers. We pitch, negotiate and secure premium advertising for our premium publishers just like a traditional in-house sales team would do. We have extensive contacts in the industry and know where to find them if we don’t.

We can also arrange, set up and manage advertising networks and negotiate the best floor prices and once implemented, manage it all on a day to day basis if required.

We have found that both advertisers and networks want to work as efficiently as possible so they use us to place advertising for their clients across all our publishers. This collective approach enables us to bring in more advertising for everyone and gives these advertisers more choice using less resources.

Working with i-Jam Media

If you’re a publisher who’s thinking about outsourcing your advertising sales and are looking for a forward thinking and highly active advertising sales agency then we’d love to hear from you.