Digital Advertising Sales Agency

i-Jam Media are a digital advertising sales agency that provides premium and ultra-premium high traffic digital publishers and digital media owners with a professional partner that is there to generate advertising sales revenue across their digital inventory.

What Does i-Jam Media do for Publishers?

i-Jam Media sell inventory across desktop, mobile and apps and our service helps free up publishers to do what they love most, producing awesome and compelling content and user experiences that are loved by their visitors.

Our goal is to save publishers the cost of having their own sales team as well. If you also have an ad sales team then we can act as extra firepower to fill the gaps in unsold advertising inventory.

Your new Advertising Sales Agency

We’re passionate about selling advertising inventory for our clients.

We will do this often daunting task for you and maximize the revenues for you during this constantly evolving digital media landscape.

You’ll get you connected up with the most up to date technologies and innovations in ad tech such as ultra low latency header bidding and the best networks that provide not only the highest CPM’s but also the best looking adverts out there.

Your Voice in the Digital Advertising landscape

All these things are achieved by negotiating hard and working in partnership with networks and ad tech providers and when it comes to direct campaigns.

We secure the best prices from advertising agencies and marketing departments. We make sure that every single impression counts and you as a publisher get the revenue you deserve.

We go the extra mile in helping publishers sustain and grow in line with their projections and goals then i-Jam Media is the Advertising Sales Agency for you!

i-Jam Media have over 18 years of experience in consumer and B2B sectors. We know what works and what doesn’t. Here is a basic example of the level of service we provide to our clients.

What should Publishers expect from i-Jam Media?

  • i-Jam Media is an advertising sales agency that provides accurate and open reporting that you can see 24/7.
  • We are an advertising sales agency that takes an honest and consultative approach and gives realistic projections and outcomes.
  • i-Jam Media take a consultative approach and can advise on best practices and share knowledge on how to maximize revenue and audience growth.
  • We also act as a publisher network which gives you the best opportunities across programmatic (and we manage it all for you too). This means that every ad impression is monetized at the best rates possible with the best quality advertisers and we do this on a global level.
  • We give you a dedicated and highly experienced account manager who is there for you.
  • Prompt monthly payments
  • Header Bidding for all. We work with very large traffic sites and smaller niche sites and offer header bidding to all out publishers who join with us.

You can check out our FAQ here for more information.

Join i-Jam Media today.

If you’re looking for an media sales agency that will generate revenue for your digital media then please call today on +44 (0)1424 205481 to see how we can help you or fill out our publisher sign up form and we’ll call you back.

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