Publisher & Publisher Network FAQ’s

Your site or app has to have a premium audience and it needs to be in a niche that will be popular with brands and networks. Here is an example of the types of sites we work with: News, Fashion, Entertainment, Sports, Gaming and Technology, Music and Utility sites/apps.

A mobile optimized site is required.

You will need to have a minimum of 500,000 page impressions per month across desktop and mobile/tablet or 100,000 downloads if you have an App.

Initially you will not need an ad server as a few of the network providers we work with have tags that be hard-coded on to your site, however, for direct campaigns we would need you to have an ad server, for example we recommend using Google DFP.

For ad network activity that we do for you, its not vital but would be good to have. For direct campaigns though we will need you to have produced a media kit.

If you have a direct sales team already then this is fine. We can be used to fill the gaps on inventory that is not being sold by your own team through the networks where possible. Basically this is where our publisher network comes in.

We provide weekly reporting from all networks and direct campaigns.

Although you can get in touch at any time with your account manager who will be happy to let you know the figures. the figures we give you are estimated based on the networks dashboards so may have some adjustments before final payout and we will only take our fee based on the absolute final figure.

i-Jam Media will collect all revenue from all sources for you. Initially some networks take up to 90 days to pay but from then on it goes monthly. We pay monthly less our fees are taken out after deductions such as exchange rates and other outside charges and fees are taken into consideration.

No it does not. If you are not VAT registered then we will handle the liability for you and pay you the net amount less our fees. Once you do go registered then you will need to let us know so that we can give you your share of the liability for VAT when we pay you.

We are a premium solution provider so it goes without saying that we will not accept any site that has adult content, is vulgar, promotes racism, violence or has views or promotes views that are deemed offensive. We also cannot accept any sites that infringe copyright of any kind and don’t have original content unless its officially syndicated.

If your site or app qualifies after reading our FAQ’s then i-Jam Media would love to hear from you to discuss your needs in more detail.